Lot Meijers

Following Michael Gibbs’ interest in Everything language Lot Meijers explores relations between language and the borders of the corporeal. The performance work will try to change the experience of the space over the course of the event. The durational intervention will silently interact with the audience as well as with the other works performed. The title of the work Meanwhile several people entered a new framework is taken  from Micheal Gibbs’ Seed collection (1977), which can be read as a poem, a list of ideas or list of titles for (non) existing works.


Lot Meijers
Meanwhile Several People Entered A New Framework

location: WG Kunst
Performance party: de-re-construction (or fuck the alphabeth)
11. 11. 2016  17:00 – until late

Lot Meijers – This Text Will Be Performed (2012)