Mariana Lanari


Book music. Erotic daydreaming during boring lessons at school. Not immediately though. Applying sounds in the right direction. Until extinction hmmmmn.. dee. da…daaa. hmmm.. hmmmn…daaa.. de.. da.. da.. dee.. daaa.. da.. daa.. da.. deee.. la.. la.. la.. hmmm.. laaa. la. la.. la.. la.. hmmm. hm… hm.. da.. daaaa…daa.. da.. da. laaa… la.. la.. la.. la.. da.. daaaa.. dadadada.. daaaa.. da.. da.. hmmm.. hmm.. lalalaaa.. la.. la.. hmmm.. hmmm.. hm…. hmmmm. hm.. da.. da.. daaaa.. da.. da.. hmmm.. hmm.. lalalaaa… la.. la.. hmmm.. hmmm.. deee. dadeeee.. deee. de.. da.. da.. dum.. dum.. pa.. paaa. dodoo.. da. 

(Random findings in Michael Gibbs poetry + tome tones.)

Mariana Lanari
Untitled, performance 2016
location: WG Kunst
Performance party: de-re-construction (or fuck the alphabeth)
11. 11. 2016  17:00 – until late

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 1.15.27 AM.png
Michael Gibbs, Tomtones