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[…] It was one of eight archives examined by Hungarian art critic, Géza Perneczky, in the compilation of his important reference guide, The Magazine Network: The Trends of Alternative Art in the Light of Their Periodicals 1968-1988 (Soft Geometry, Köln, Germany, 1993. Since his passing in 2009, Gibbs has been recognized as an important contributor to the global cultural and social fabric that paved the way toward today’s interwoven digital participatory society. […]

John Held jr, staff writer San Francisco Arts Quarterly, USA


[…] TRAVEL NOTES 20/06/16
Michael’s phrase, “The virtual is to virtue as the sensual is to sense,” is concept language, but of a peculiarly expressive sort. Within a language practice circumscribed by deliberate modes of reducing affect, Michael worked to sustain the poetry so often effaced by his peers.

Much of Michael’s notes in pencil are all the more absorbing in handwritten form; the pencil lingers but the typewriter key can only strike. Everything in his art is about slowing down time, adding depth to experience so as to move us away from a too rapid passage through time being.

I will write further reflections on the pages. Thank you for the gift of this visit and this archive. […]

Buzz Spectors, writer, concrete poet, artist, USA