Nina Glockner

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 13.21.17.pngStatement

As starting point for my new work Revisited Identities (I am tired of being misunderstood) I use Michael Gibbs‘ work Identities 1 & 2, published in Kontexts in 1975.
In this particular work he creates one sign system consisting of text and geometrical forms.

Despite its abstract and simple appearance the work implies several layers of meaning: It recalls basic philosophical questions concerning the construction of the self, the other and a potential togetherness – thus the notion of interpersonal relationships.
Furthermore this work plays with the unarticulated space between language and form that has to be filled in by the viewer himself – as an act of decoding.
Based on this work I will create a new “alphabet of objects” combining original objects of Gibbs‘ work and newly developed objects. This sign system will eventually be activated during my performance by actions executed by myself and the audience – who will softly be forced to be involved: How can a momentum be created where the audience, me and the objects become part of one collective text – a temporary manifestation of collective understanding beyond language?


Nina Glockner lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied philosophy (in Germany) and Fine Art (BA at Academie Minerva Groningen and MA at the Sandberg Institute Amsterdam). Her performances and performative installations were shown in various places inside and outside the Netherlands.

Performance at WG Kunst 11. 11. 2016  17:00

Nina will present a new ‘alphabet of objects’ in an attempt to create a temporary manifestation of collective understanding beyond language. A momentum where she, the audience and the objects become part of one collective text. 

FLAM VI | Forum for Live Art Amsterdam. Nina Glockner - Choreographed by the other
Nina Glockner’s performance Choreographed by the other FLAM VI Arti et Amicitae 2016