Noëlle Cuppens

Cuppens / Gibbsinterventions on several Saturday’s between 6.11.2016 – 18.12.2016
performance 18.12.2016
Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

In Noëlle Cuppens ‘s project Last pages she worked with Letraset graphic characters. This rubbing characters are not being produced anymore and it has always been a matter of dealing with the amount of figures available. She decided to rewrite the last book of Marguerite Duras, (C’est Tout) with the letters from the few sheets she had left, resulting in her artistbook The Last Pages. A mysterious writing due to the gaps where no Letraset figure would be available and the mix of all diferents fonts and sizes.

Noëlle Cuppens was offered to use the box Letraset of Michael Gibbs and she will re-enact his performance Ad nausaeum (getting nauseous) during the exhibition at Soledad Senlle Art Foundation.


15129095_1223560844382075_3078225679859598483_o15068328_10205574083671520_8261530491890644331_oThe Last Pages is based on the redis­co­ve­ry of a set of Let­ra­set dry trans­fer let­ters by Noëlle Cuppens. When she found out that these trans­fer let­ters were no lon­ger being made, she deci­ded to use what she had remai­ning to ‘re-wri­te’ the last book of Mar­gu­e­ri­te Duras: “C’est Tout” (No More). The result is a manu­script of 96 pages on dra­wing paper with hand-rub­bed let­ters. The manu­script was made into an Artist Book and is desig­ned by Art Col­lart and prin­ted at the Char­les Nypels Lab, van Eyck.