Peter Baren



Michael Gibbs is accountable for my first explorations into unknown areas. I got to know him as impressive animator of interactions and initiatives and editor-in-chief of the magazine Artzien, notifying the currents of the artscene in Amsterdam. After my study at the Rijksakademie he literally opened up worlds to me by the interactions with so many foreign artists. Michael was a respected persona with close connections between both artists and viewers. He brought them together and initiated conversation between them. Between 1979 and 1981 he invited me to contribute to different editions of Artzien. I made statements, image pages and had an interview with Hezy Leskly on the occasion of a residency in the ACA Hal 1, at the time.


During the first studio visit I was very intriged by the notebook Seed Collection, due to all the thoughts and statements. I am preparing an anthology and develop a work out of it. I’m excited with the invitation to Let It Keep Secrets. It’s challenging to now make new connection with the works of Michael. Guided by Seed Collection I will develop a performance amidst the exhibited archive anywhere between a guided tour and a Blind Date With (the spirit of) Michael Gibbs


Peter Baren, Blind date with Michael Gibbs, performance 
18.12.2016  16:00
Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 14.23.57.png
Peter Baren, Blind dates with the hysteria of mankind (Everything must go!), 2016, performance, photo: Camille Perrin