Soledad Senlle Art Foundation

6.11.2016 – 18.12.2016
Soledad Senlle Art Foundation
Sloterkade 171
1059 EB Amsterdam
Open Mon – Sat 11:00 – 18:00
Free entrance

The exhibition of works of Michael Gibbs contains concrete and visual poetry, in the form of books, paper works, photo works, audio, video and other representations of performances. Mainly the works from before 1985 will be displayed, since it is most unknown to the public until now. Curators: Eva Gonggrijp and Gerrit Jan de Rook.

In addition an installation by Doyoun Park the rules and results of re-enacting Michael Gibbs’ Add Nauseam, an ongoing action by Noëlle Cuppens. During the period the programme will be completed by newly developed performances and  Smal Talk of special guests.

Finissage with performance and Small Talk

3 pm Small Talk, Cees de Boerfreelance curator and art critic
4 pm Blind Date With Michael Gibbs – Performance by Peter Baren (NL)
meanwhile…Add Nauseam, work in progress by Noëlle Cuppens (NL)

Guided Tour by the curators
10.12.2016 3pm
Gerrit Jan de Rook, expert visual poetry and Eva Gonggrijp, partner Michael Gibbs

meanwhile…Add Nauseam, work in progress by Noëlle Cuppens

Small Talk and videorelease
3.12.2016 3pm 
Raul Marroquin Small Talk 
Screening Gibbs video Open Page, Close Mind

Additional performance
19.11.2016 2-4 pm
Performance by Noëlle Cuppens, an interpretation of Michael Gibbs’ Add Nauseam 

6.11.2016  at 3 pm
Speech by Harry Ruhé, fluxus expert and co-publisher Artzien
Performance by Rose Akras Tour de chance avec les mots – 4 pm


Rose Akras – Tour de chance avec les mots                                                                        performance 6.11.2016 16:00

The creation and erasing of image and text play an important role in the work of former dancer Rose Akras. She used the serene and unwinding atmosphere in Michael Gibbs’ video Deuxième poème symbolique and the constant writing and erasing in his performance Short Story as departure for this new developed performance.

Peter Baren – Blind Date With Michael Gibbs    
performance 18.12.2016  16:00

About thirty years ago Michael Gibbs made Peter Baren explore new grounds by being one of the first to invite him to publish and exhibit his work. Peter is now pleased to honour his spirit by making a connection with Gibbs’ work Seed collection in which he literally sowed his ideas. Peter’s Blind date with Michael Gibbs will resemble a guided tour in the exhibition. What could be a first encounter to one might be the harvest of a later crop for Michael.

Noëlle Cuppens
performance ongoing, starting 19.11.2016

Noëlle Cuppens made a project Last pages, where she worked with Letraset letters. By using the letters intensively they were getting finished so more and more gaps began to show. She is fascinated with the box Letraset of Michael Gibbs, and uses them in order to re-intrepetate his performance Ad nausaeum (getting nauseus). 

Raul Marroquin
Small Talk 3.12.2016 3pm

The remarkable artist Raul Marroquin, Michael Gibbs’ contemporary,  attended the Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht when he captured Gibbs’ obscure action to put an alphabet on fire at the parking space: Extinction (1974).  He used the first video camera ever, provided by a Dutch art school. Rod Summers, a friend of both of them, made photographs. This black-and-white footage, discovered only recently, will be shown at the main exhibition accompanied by Marroquins’ talk about this experimental and colorful periode.
Furthermore, Gibbs’ newly digitalized video work Open Page, Close Mind wil be released. Afterwards we will bring out a toast once more, just to keep on celebrating the good works.

Doyoun ParkThe rules#2                                          
installation, 2016

By turning the words of the original book ‘Zeichen’ (Sign) by Umberto Eco into stamps, Doyoun Park found a way to lay out an overview of all its content, temporary and concrete. He wants to stress that the material’s fragility and instability reflect the very nature of an allegedly ‘structured world’ that can be deconstructed and restructured at any time.

Soledad Senlle

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