WG Kunst & Studio Michael Gibbs

11. 11. 2016  17:00 – until late
de-re-construction (or fuck the alphabeth)

At WG Kunst(artspace) and in the former studio of Michael (no. 11)
An exhibition in the form of a performance party with food and drinks.

With newly developed performance works by young artistst and screenings of rare recordings of Michael Gibbs performance works.

Michael Gibbs, Extinction, 1974 (performance)


Lot Meijers
Meanwhile Several People Entered A New Framework,
performance, 2016

Following Michael Gibbs’ interest in Everything language Lot Meijers explores relations between language and the borders of the corporeal. The performative work will try to change the experience of the space over the course of the event. The durational intervention will silently interact with the audience as well as with the other works performed. The title of the work Meanwhile several people entered a new framework is taken  from Micheal Gibbs’ seed collection (1977), which can be read as a poem, a list of ideas or list of titles for (non) existing works.

Nina Glockner
Revisited Identities (I am tired of being misunderstood), performance, 2016

Nina will present a new ‘alphabet of objects’ in an attempt to create a temporary manifestation of collective understanding beyond language. A momentum where she, the audience and the objects become part of one collective text. Starting point was Michael Gibbs‘Identities 1 & 2, published in Kontexts in 1975.

Mariana Lanari
Untitled, performance, 2016

Mariana Lanari ̓s work is an ambient sound performative reading of fragments of poetry, lists and writings in general, using Michael ̓s words but combined into a personal interpretation.

Book music. Erotic day dreaming during boring lessons at school. Not immediately though. Applying sounds in the right direction. Until extinction hmmmmn.. dee. da… daaa. hmmm.. hmmmn…daaa.. de.. da.. da..[…].. hmmmm. hm.. da.. da.. daaaa.. da.. da.. hmmm.. hmm.. lalalaaa… la.. la.. hmmm.. hmmm.. deee. dadeeee.. deee. de.. da.. da.. dum.. dum.. pa.. paaa. dodoo.. da.

Ivan Cheng
Back-drop, performance, 2016

A recent moving note in the studio of Michael Gibbs and Eva Gonggrijp. 
A new reading by Ivan Cheng, ably assisted by Vincent van Randen and
wearing work from the archive of Ting Gong.
Ivan Cheng is an Australian artist and curator currently interested in gaps and holes in reading. He is currently enrolled in Critical Studies program at the Sandberg Institute.


For more information on the artists and their work please vist the artist pages on this website.